The graph represents the daily number of Wikipedia searches for any subject(s) - animal, vegetable or mineral - over recent months.

For more information click on 'Notes' Tab

Enter Subject(s), correctly spelt, seperated by commas. Enter one name only for Calendar

For ambiguous names use wiki nomenclature e.g. Andrew Clark (priest)

Date range (months back from present);

Use log scale if compared searches are significantly different
Download Output as csv

Releasae of wiki logs announced. Thought would be interesting comparison with other social media

  • Limited number of points on rCharts - can be extended but would be congested
  • No dates on xaxis rChart
  • Often unsuccesful access to search URLs
To Do
  • Compare with twitter trends
  • Add Progress Bar
R packages

ggplot2, plyr,rCharts, stringr,RJSONIO, lubridate