50 Best US Cities of 2012 - Ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek - Location and Characteristics

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Application code is available here.
Original article required one to click on 50 slides to find the best city --- Advertising is important, right?
Please be patient for all dots to show. Actually, the 50th dot will be the best city :-)
1. Color indicates rank of the city - LOWER VALUE IS BETTER (see the color coding below)
2. Size of dot indicates value of selected Characteristic - LARGER dot is HIGHER value
3. You can hover over the dots to know the city and value of the characteristic
This chart can be played around with in the following ways.
1. The two small tabs on the top right show either bubble charts or bar graphs, depending on what's selected.
2. The horizontal and vertical axes can be changed to other variables by clicking at existing axis labels (the arrow mark)
3. Size of dot indicates Rank of the city - LARGER size is BETTER ranked. (The rank is 51 minus the displayed value. This shows as variable 'RankReordered' in list in the axes. See below the plot for explanation.)
4. You can hover over the dots to know the city and value of the characteristics
5. Color is used to identify the city. No other purpose.

Since ranking of 1 is better than 50, the default approach would've placed smaller dots for better ranked cities. So, to have larger bubbles for better cities a reranking was done to have a higher value for better city (51 minus the 'real' rank). This was done only for this plot.